Healthy Low EMF Home Design

Healthy Low EMF Design and Build Services

  • Site Selection and EMF Evaluations
  • Comprehensive Low EMF Design (electrical, lighting, Audio/Video, Security, HVAC, networking)
  • Construction and Contractor Support
  • EMF Inspections
  • Appliance and Product Selection
  • EMF Shielding and Mitigation
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Healthy Low EMF EMF Design Consulting

At EMF Aware, we are dedicated to creating healthier living spaces by reducing electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure. Our comprehensive low EMF design services cover every aspect of your journey to a safer and more comfortable home or workspace. Ideally, it is best to get us involved at the beginning of the project, but if you’re partway through a project and are looking for some low EMF design support, we can provide that as well.

Comprehensive Low EMF Design Services We Offer:

Initial Meeting and Design Goals
Our journey begins with a consultation where we understand your unique needs and design goals. We listen carefully to your concerns and aspirations to create a tailored plan for your low EMF environment.

Building Site Selection
Choosing the right location is key to a low EMF design. We assess potential sites and help you select a location that minimizes EMF exposure to keep the low EMF Design simple and economincal.

Initial EMF Survey
We conduct an initial EMF survey on your selected site to identify existing sources of electromagnetic radiation. This survey is crucial for laying the foundation of your low EMF design.

Floor Plan Review/Markup and Initial Low EMF Design Discussion
We review your floor plan, marking areas of concern and suggesting initial low EMF design improvements. We collaborate with you to ensure the layout aligns with your vision.

Low EMF Design Guidelines Document
We provide you with a comprehensive design guidelines document that outlines the principles and strategies to reduce EMF exposure. This serves as a roadmap for your project.

EMF Shielding Design
Our team specializes in EMF shielding solutions. We design and implement shielding strategies to create EMF-free zones within your space.

Low EMF Equipment Selection Support
From HVAC systems to lighting and appliances, we assist you in selecting low EMF equipment that meets your needs while maintaining a healthy environment.

Construction Support
We work closely with your construction team and contractors to ensure the proper implementation of low EMF design elements, shielding, and equipment installation.

Post Construction EMF Verification Survey
After construction is complete, we conduct a thorough EMF verification survey to ensure that your space meets your low EMF goals.

Post Move-In EMF Optimization
We provide guidance on optimizing your personal electronics, small appliances, and other devices for minimal EMF exposure, helping you maintain a low EMF environment after moving in.

Remote Support for New Builds and Renovations:
We understand that your project may require remote support. Whether you’re planning a new build or renovating an existing space, our experts are equipped to provide remote guidance and consultations to ensure your low EMF goals are met.

At EMF Aware, we prioritize your health and well-being. Our low EMF design services are a holistic approach to creating spaces where you can thrive without unnecessary electromagnetic radiation. Join us on this journey towards a safer and healthier lifestyle.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and take the first step toward your low EMF design project.


5.0 rating based on 9 client reviews
View all 9 reviews.


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