In my opinion, both subtle energy devices such as chips, pendants, harmonizers, stickers, etc. and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) like cellphones, Wi-fi, electricity, etc. have the potential to induce a physiological response in people. Subtle energy devices work on an energetic level while EMFs work on a physics level. As a result, one can not measure any difference in your EMF exposure in physics (using EMF meters) when subtle energy devices are introduced. It’s like trying to measure speed with a thermometer. This is why the subtle energy devices are often criticized by those just solely looking at this from a physics perspective. 

Even though I do not recommend subtle energy devices to my clients, I have seen cases where subtle energy devices may support people in the short term to allow them to make positive steps in their healing journey. Whether it is a physiological response or placebo effect it does not matter.  However, I do explain to anyone using subtle energy devices that these devices may make you feel better in the short term but these do not deal with the underlying root cause.  To be clear are not the solution to elevated EMFs exposures it’s a short term stop gap measure.

A solid long-term strategy when dealing with any problem is to address the root cause. EMFs are a physics problem, and in my opinion, are best dealt with a physics solution. Fight physics with physics, not metaphysics (or subtle energy devices). 

In the end, I do not recommend subtle energy devices to my clients. If they have them already I mention to them that these devices do not change your exposure to EMFs (can’t measure any difference with EMF meters) and do not deal with human created EMFs at a root cause level. 

Statistically speaking, the most effective to least effective EMF protection strategies in my opinion are as follows:

1. Remove the source of EMFs. (Most effective – deals with the root cause)

2. Reduce the EMF exposure usually by putting distance between you and the source or by reducing the power output of wireless sources.

3. Shielding EMFs – Using some shielding material or techniques that are verifiable with physics.

4. Subtle Energy devices such as harmonizers, stickers, chips, and pendants for a short-term duration may yield benefits but this is not a good long-term strategy (least effective).

For more info see the Building Biology Institute Fact Sheet on Subtle Energy Devices.