EMF Wire Scout Deluxe Setup

Introducing the EMF Wire Scout – An Electrician’s Companion in AC Magnetic Field Wiring Error Detection.

The EMF Wire Scout is built upon Spark Burmaster’s original “blue box” design, which was subsequently refined by Mitch Marchand and Eddie Hiscock, incorporating the following additional features:

  • 💡 Brighten up your diagnosis with less heat:  Use a bright LED light to signal wiring errors and prevent overheating, unlike the blue box incandescent lights that can get hot after prolonged circuit troubleshooting.
  • 🚀 Faster Wiring Tracing: Three gator leads allow testing of the natural bus and ground bus simultaneously to save time on sub-panels.
  • 🔊 Never miss a beat: A buzzer that allows no wire error to go unannounced even when you have been hypnotized by the repetitive work of checking each circuit. The buzzer can also be used in adjacent rooms for remote troubleshooting.
  • ✨ Updated Professional Look and Feel: A rugged aluminum case with laser-inscribed labels will have you proudly using this tool for years.

The EMF Wire Scout was created as a better way to quickly find wiring errors in the home that create AC magnetic fields. This is primarily designed to be used by licensed electricians.