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Quantum Ecology Lecture With Entangled Wellness

May 7, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Quantum Ecology Calgary

Entangled Wellness Inc. (CEO and Integrator – Nelson Gourlay) and EMF Aware (Founder and technical expert – Mitch Marchand) are uniting to bring you something that is emerging on the horizon.

Quantum Ecology is the result of over 2 decades of study, observation, and integration of solutions to optimize the built environment for human wellness. We are now spending more time than ever in built environments, from our homes and places of work to the urbanization of nearly every aspect of our lives. The question is, who is putting the pieces together? For the first time in recorded history, our life expectancy in the developed world has started to decrease.

The built environment impacts all aspects of our lives, every day. We have explored the teachings of Building Biology and applied them in a Systems Engineering way to create a dynamic view of our human habitat. Combine that with a current epidemic of chronic dis-ease and our in-depth exploration and integration with the health sciences; we are pioneering a paradigm change that is over 100 years in the making. From the invention of the incandescent light bulb and the spreading of the AC power grid, we have attempted to dominate our environment in nearly every way possible. However, the price is becoming evident to those who choose to look deeply.

Join us for an informative and interactive evening as we introduce you to the hidden and not-so-hidden world that surrounds us in the 21st Century.

  • We will introduce you to the concept of Quantum Ecology.

  • Provide you with an overview of the fundamentals of light, water and magnetism and how your “built-in” environmental sensors interact with every aspect of your surroundings.

  • We will start to explore the electromagnetic spectrum by answering: what are electromagnetic fields? How do they affect our health? What can we do about it?

  • Provide you with an opportunity to implement a paradigm changing initiative with global implications.

Do you want to learn about how you interact with your environment every day, and the role it plays in your life and everyone around you, then please join us. Building professionals, medical professionals, wellness seekers, and anyone interested in Pioneering Paradigm Change, we welcome you to an opportunity that may change the course of your journey…

Really impressed with the depth and breadth of knowledge in the [5G] presentation.

By Barb A.

I was really impressed with the depth and breadth of knowledge in the presentation. I am new even being aware of dirty electricity and ... read more

The Alberta 5G Information Session was very informative

By Anonymous

The Alberta 5G Information Session was very informative and plenty of time was allowed for answering all participant’s questions as ... read more

So impressed with the depth of knowledge.

By Liz Mogenson

I learned a lot about how 5G works, and what we can do to protect ourselves. So impressed with the depth of knowledge. Very useful ... read more

Alberta 5G Info Session

By Dave

Clarified a lot and dispelled some hype. read more

Information received has empowered me to make more educated decisions to reduce exposure

By Caitlin H. Calgary, AB

I believe this course provides critical information; EMF's are an invisible and legitimate hazard to our health. We've been mislead by ... read more

Mitch shares important and such valuable information in an easy-to-understand way

By Amy B, Calgary, AB

Understanding the impact EMF's have on our health is essential. Mitch shares important and such valuable information in an ... read more

Very clear and easy to understand … even if you aren’t a super science-y person, like myself!

By Kari S. - Calgary, AB

Great information that everyone should have for themselves and their families. So important to be more aware of how EMF transmissions ... read more

Demonstrations were eye opening

By Ian B. - Calgary, AB

The lecture was great. It was great to get an understanding of the basic principles behind emf's and how they effect our bodies. The ... read more

Very Eye-Opening

By L. Wood

I found the lecture to be very informative, the topics Mitch covered were very eye-opening. It has made me aware how important it is ... read more

Highly Recommend

By Kathy T. - Calgary, AB

The subject of EMF should be communicated to more people everywhere, because of the effects it could have on our physical bodies. ... read more

Thank you for explaining it so clearly.

By Anonymous - Calgary, AB

It was an absolute fluke (or serendipitous) that I came across this lecture, and it has been my dream to find someone in Calgary who ... read more

Mitch’s professionalism, expertise and knowledge on EMFs is remarkable.

By Anonymous - Calgary, AB

I highly recommend that everyone attend Mitch Marchand's eye opening lecture on the harmful impact that Electro Magnetic Frequencies ... read more

This was a huge wake-up call for me. Thank you.

By Rick U - Lacombe, AB

Mitch, I have been passively worried about all the "waves" around us but have never taken the time to investigate in more than a ... read more

I think anyone wanting to take charge of their health … needs to attend your lecture.

By Wayne S. - Barrhead, AB

I think anyone wanting to take charge of their health in the area of electrical pollution and the wise use of technology needs to ... read more

impressive that he was able to cover such a broad topic in a clear manner that was interesting and useful.

By Susan S. - Calgary, AB

I attended a very impressive presentation and workshop held by Mitch Marchand, at EMF Awareness. Mitch gave a good succinct overview ... read more

Very Knowledgeable

By Anonymous - Calgary, AB

Mitch is very knowledgeable, seminar chock full of information and practical tips. read more

Exemplary lecture

By Anonymous - Calgary, AB

Mitch has put together an exemplary lecture. His information is up to date and informative. His passion for this subject shows in ... read more


May 7, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Entangled Wellness & EMF Aware


Shane Homes YMCA
11300 Rocky Ridge Road Northwest
Calgary, Alberta T3G 5H3 Canada
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