Hardwire Nintendo Switch Super Low EMF Setup


EMF Exposures From Nintendo Switch

  1. Wireless Radiation from Joy-Con controllers only when controllers are disconnected from the Nintendo Switch console (handheld).
  2. Wireless Radiation when using a Wi-Fi connection on the Nintendo Switch console.
  3. EMFs from AC Power adapter (AC Electric fields and Dirty Electricity)

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Step 1: Keep Joy-Cons on handheld devices.

Disconnecting the Joy-Cons turns on the wireless signal in the Joy-Cons and console. Keeping the Joy-Cons on the console does not activate the wireless signal for the controllers.  Using the Nintendo Switch dock requires disconnecting the Joy-Con controllers which will activate the wireless signal for the controllers. 

You can probably connect two Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers via hardwired USB cables using USB-C hub in step 2. I have not tested this. If you do please let me know (hello@emfaware.ca)

Step 2: Use A USB-C hub with Power Delivery, Ethernet adapter, 2 USB ports, HDMI.

Key to get a USB-C Ethernet adapter with Power Delivery to allow for charging your Switch while using a hardwired conenction.

  • Power Delivery: Allows charinging of console while playing.
  • Etherent: Allows hardwired ethernet connection to Nintendo Switch Console.
  • 2 USB Ports: Allows Get a device with with two addiational USB ports if you want to connect two additional Nintendo Switch Pro controllers for multiplayer action off console. Use the USB cable that comes witht the Pro controlers and connect to USB-C hub.
  • HDMI: Used to connect Nintendo Switch to TV.
  •  Click here for examples such devices

USB-C Hub can be plugged in directly to the Switch console (handheld screen) with an active Ethernet cable. 

Configure Nintendo Switch for internet delivery through Ethernet:

  System Settings -> Internet -> Internet Settings -> Wired Connection. Select Connect to the Internet via Wired Connection.

Step 3: Avoid using the AC power supply.

Using the AC power supply will increase your exposure to AC electric fields and dirty electricity exposures. The following to options are recommended:

  1. Run Nintendo Switch console off of internal battery
  2. Connect a power bank (I like Anker power banks)


Step 4: Place Nintendo Switch in airplane mode.