PS4 How To Disable Wifi & Create Super Low EMF Setup

 Low EMF Setup For PS4

Tested using up to date PS4 Slim with Dualshock4 controller on April 22, 2020.

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Step 1: Disable Wi-Fi On PS4

Both the settings below must be off to disable the Wifi emissions from the PS4.

  • Hardwired Ethernet connection to PS4
    • Settings -> Network -> Internet Connection -> Use Lan
  • Disable PS Vita and PS TV Connections
    • Settings -> Remote Play Connection Settings -> Connect Directly With PS Vita / PS TV -> Deselect.

Step 2: Disable Bluetooth On PS4 Console and Controllers

  • Use USB connected controller(s) (tested with Dualshock 4 controller).  There are two USB ports on the PS4 so if you plan on using 3 or 4 controllers you will have to use a USB hub (Google PS4 USB Hub).
    • Settings -> Devices -> Controllers -> Communications Method -> Use USB

PS4 Super Low EMF Setup Special Notes

  • PS4 Second Screen App requires Wi-Fi for the device using the app (not for the PS4).
  • PS4 Remote Play App works over hardwired Ethernet connection to your cell phone or tablet.  (See Wireless Devices Best Practices for more information).

EMF Measurements

 Note there is a monetary wireless emission when the PS4 first starts up (200,000 uw/m2 peak) and when you first connect the controller (16 ,000 uW/m2).  The super low EMF emissions from the PS4 after these momentary initializations are complete are the following:

  • Radio Frequency Power Density: 1 uW/m2 peak
    • Measured with meter resting on top of PS4 (Safe and Sound Pro II 650 MHz to 10 GHz)
  • AC Magnetic Field: 1 mG RMS @ 1.5 feet
    • Measured with NFA1000 3D Magnetic Fields (5 Hz to 1 MHz)
  • Dirty Electricity: 54 GS Units
    • Measured on the same outlet as PS4 using Stetzerier Meters