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I wanted to get you some feedback after several months of healing subsequent to all your help this year.

For several years, I was feeling very restless and stressed the more time I spent at home. I also had been having several electronic appliances short out including my furnace, microwave and clock radios and electricians were not able to explain what was happening. I had significant insomnia with difficulty getting into deeper states of sleep, waking often during the night and not feeling rested in the AMs. I had two (2) different tones of tinnitus, one of which disappeared within a few days of you remediating the magnetic fields from my water + gas lines. The other tone remained but dropped from 9/10 to a 4 to 5/10.  Since I started using the EMF shielding tent (Mercola’s) that is now down to 1/10. The tent is hot to sleep in, awkward and claustrophobic but has been a godsend for creating a safe place to sleep, to let my body finally drop into a parasympathetic state and deeper sleep and begin to heal from the EMF damage accumulated over years. I’m sleeping like a baby for the first time in years and am feeling better every day.

So thank you again for all your help … I do believe you have helped me heal and contributed greatly to improving the quality of my life.