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Mitch (EMF AWARE) is a Treasure for the EMF sensitive. I’m EMF sensitive, and have been jolted awake by something in my house for over a year. I felt like I was being electrocuted. I tried solving this myself, but ran out of ideas. Mitch came to my home to help me figure out why I feel electrocution. He understood and believed what I described, expressing to me that many of his clients report similar experiences. He tested everything in my house numerous times, and recommended several mitigation strategies for me to try. I had MANY questions for him, and he answered each one. Mitch is a wealth of information. He made me feel hopeful about my situation, giving me many tips to start with. He is an encyclopedia of EMF & health knowledge. Kind, patient, thorough and helpful. I HIGHLY recommend him, especially to anyone who is struggling with EMF sensitivity like I am. We are SO lucky to have Mitch here in Calgary. If you are EMF sensitive, hire Mitch, he will help you.