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It was an absolute fluke (or serendipitous) that I came across this lecture, and it has been my dream to find someone in Calgary who is an expert in this area! What a gift you are! Thank you for doing this! I was absolutely delighted to come across this workshop. I have been doing my own reading and learning about EMF since I read Devra Davis book in 2010 (Disconnect), and then another book called “Zapped”, and a few others. I’ve also listened to 3 online EMF summits on this topic. But I am still a novice, the information is challenging to comprehend -as it is not my educational background. Thank you for explaining it so clearly.

Everyone should take this class. Mitch delivers this complicated information in a user friendly manner, with exhaustive data, referenced research, informative demonstrations, and extensive knowledge and expertise on this topic. It is wonderful to finally find someone who is so knowledgeable on the topic of EMFs here in Calgary.