Thoughtful low EMF Gift Guide 2023

Gag Stocking Stuffer


The NoPhone gag stocking stuffer is a whimsical and low-EMF gift that adds humor to the holiday season. Shaped like a smartphone but intentionally devoid of any functionality, it’s a lighthearted way to encourage a digital detox and reduce screen time. Its popularity, evident by selling out every Christmas, underscores the universal need for a break from constant connectivity, making it a clever and amusing addition to anybody EMF conscious with a sense of humor.

These sell out every year.


Press Here Book

Ipad Replacement For Toddlers and Young Ones

Press Here book series by Herve Tullet.

The “Press Here” books by Herve Tullet are a delightful and low-EMF gift option for toddlers, offering an interactive and engaging reading experience. These books captivate young minds as they encourage active participation, with little fingers eagerly pressing, tapping, and exploring the pages from start to finish. My love for these books stems from their ability to provide a captivating and hands-on learning experience for children, all without the need for screens or electronic devices, making them a wonderful choice for a low-EMF gift guide.

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The Wishing Tree Book

Best Book to Gently Introduce Indoor Air Quality and EMFs to Young Minds

The Wishing Tree: A Building Biology Inspired Fairy Tale by Chris McPhie and Scott Ricker

This book is a captivating children’s story that skillfully introduces young minds to indoor air quality and EMFs in a beautiful and imaginative manner. As the protagonists, Stephen and Paula, embark on a journey to seek help for their ailing mother, the narrative weaves together an enchanting tale that educates children about the importance of a healthy living environment. It’s a gift that not only entertains but also instills awareness about the impact of our surroundings on well-being, making it a thoughtful and educational addition to any low-EMF gift guide.

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The Chatterbox smart speaker is a standout gift for its unique combination of STEM education, privacy, and low EMF features. I appreciate that it encourages hands-on learning, allowing my son to assemble and program it himself, fostering a sense of accomplishment. With a focus on security, the Chatterbox requires a tap on its button before speaking, ensuring no 24/7 surveillance, and processes all audio locally, eliminating data collection concerns. Additionally, the option to hardwire the Chatterbox without Bluetooth or Wi-Fi adds an extra layer of EMF-consciousness. EMF Aware gives it a 5-star rating, and the integration of ChatGPT for AI programming education is a fantastic bonus for budding tech enthusiasts.


Mudita harmony 2 clock

Best Low EMF Alarm Clock

Mudita Harmony Alarm Clock

The Muditia Harmony 2 Alarm Clock is a thoughtful and low-EMF gift that seamlessly integrates into a mindful lifestyle. This unique clock charges during the day and runs on batteries at night, making it ideal for those who prefer turning off the power in their room. I appreciate its silent operation, absence of disruptive light, and the inclusion of beautiful alarm sounds, creating a serene waking experience. The added bonus of a meditation timer makes it a comprehensive and mindful addition to anyone’s daily routine.



Great Gift To Help People Disconnect

Stolp – Break with the habit of always on

The Stolp, a stylish and innovative gift, serves as a sanctuary for those seeking respite from constant connectivity. By placing your cellphone inside this sleek device, you can effortlessly halt all signals, making it perfect for both dinner table conversations and peaceful nights. Its simplicity and aesthetic appeal make it an indispensable item for anyone who appreciates the art of unplugging, fostering moments of genuine connection and tranquility.