Smart Meter EMF Exposure Measurements

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Calgary Smart Meter Exposure Measurements

Typical Costs:  $250


  • Detailed EMF Smart Meter measurements
  • Discuss EMF Safety Guidelines and discuss exposure reduction strategies


Calgary Smart Meter EMF Assessments

Smart meters commonly refer to utility service meters that emit radio frequencies and can be installed on as part of your electric, gas or water utility meters on your home. Not every county and municipality have smart meters, and some only have it on select utilities.
We help answer the following questions:

  • Do I have a smart meter(s) installed on my home? If so which ones and where are they located?
  • What is my exposure from the smart meters?
  • What is a safe exposure level from smart meters?
  • If my exposure from my smart meter is higher than I like what can I do about it?

Included in your Smart Meter EMF Assessment:

  • EMF measurements
  • Handwritten summary of measurements along with opt-out/shielding options (formal report available for additional cost).
  • Discussion of exposure guidelines and exposure reduction strategies.

A typical Smart Meter Exposure Assessment takes up to 2 hours and costs $250 + GST.

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