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Professional Home EMF Services

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Complete Home EMF Assessments

Reduce your EMF exposure by 80% or more (typical results) using simple and practical low/no EMF strategies.  No alarming messaging or selling of needless gadgets.  In the complete home assessment, we

  • explore the 4 main types of human-made EMFs affecting your home
  • discuss simple and practical strategies for reducing your exposure (often implementing many of the low/no EMF strategies in the assessment)
  • inform you of how different safety guidelines from around the world compare to the readings in your home.
  • discuss more advanced EMF reduction strategies if necessary.

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Healthy Low EMF Home Design

Healthy Low EMF Design

Our comprehensive low EMF design services cover every aspect of your renovation or new build project to create a safer and more comfortable home or workspace.


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Pre-Purchase Home EMF Inspection

Provide peace of mind to home buyers regarding EMF exposures caused by sources outside and inside the home.


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Power Line EMF Exposure Assessment

Power lines close to homes is a common EMF concern. We provide EMF measurements and explanations of various safety guidelines so you can make an informed decision.


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Cell Tower EMF Exposure Assessment

Concerned by nearby cell tower? Find out your exposure, what is considered safe, and your options for lowering your exposure.

Smart Meter EMF Exposure Assessment

Smart meters that emit wireless radiation are common. Learn what type(s) you have, your exposure and what you can do to protect against them.

Other EMF Specialities

  • Dirty Electricity Assessment
  • Earthing Product Inspection
  • Workplace EMF Assessment
  • Low EMF Home Design

Free EMF Self Assessment Report

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