Air purifiers are essential for maintaining clean and healthy indoor air. Many people invest in AirOasis iAdaptAir models, but what you might not know is that these air purifiers come with a default setting that transmits a wireless signal 24/7. This constant wireless transmission can be a concern for those looking to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF). In this article, we will show you how to temporarily disable the Wi-Fi feature and introduce a set-and-forget way to keep your AirOasis iAdaptAir devices Wi-Fi-free.

Method 1: How Temporarily Disable WI-FI On iAdaptAir

By default, your AirOasis iAdaptAir model transmits a wireless signal continuously while plugged in. Most users are unaware of this, as the air purifier does not show the Wi-Fi status while on standby or while running.

To temporarily disable the Wi-Fi signal, you can press the fan button for three seconds when the air purifier is off. This should display a red unhappy face indicating the Wi-Fi is off. See the iAdaptAir QuickStart Guide for details.

However, please note that this action is not permanent. If the device is unplugged or loses power, the Wi-Fi will automatically turn back on. This can be inconvenient and may lead to unintended 24/7 EMF exposure.

Recommended Method 2: How to prevent iAdaptAir Wi-Fi From Turning Back On

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to disable the Wi-Fi on your AirOasis iAdaptAir, you can open the control panel of the device and unplug the wiring harness connected to the Wi-Fi module. This method ensures that the Wi-Fi remains off, even when the device is powered off or unplugged. This is the only set-and-forget method for keeping the Wi-Fi off!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Gather the necessary tools: You will need a small screwdriver and antistatic wrist strap.

2. Ensure safety: Before starting, unplug the AirOasis iAdaptAir from the power source to avoid any electrical hazards. Also, ground and attached the antistatic strap to your wrist.

3. Open the control panel: Carefully remove 6 screws from the control panel cover after sliding the air filter cover off. Take off the cover to access the internal components.

4. Locate the Wi-Fi module: Inside the control panel, you’ll find the Wi-Fi module connected via a wiring harness. The Wi-Fi module be the smaller circuit board tucked away to one side.

5. Disconnect the wiring harness connecting the larger circuit board to the smaller circuit board: Gently unplug the wiring harness from the Wi-Fi module. This disconnects the Wi-Fi module from the main system.

6. Reassemble and test: After disconnecting the Wi-Fi module, reassemble the control panel cover, securing it with the screws. Plug the AirOasis iAdaptAir back in and turn it on. You will now have a Wi-Fi-free air purifier.

For Assistance:

If you’re not comfortable performing this procedure yourself, or if you’d like professional guidance, you can consider enlisting the help of experts. EMF Aware offers in-person service to disable smart appliances like the iAdaptAir (smart TVs, smart kitchen appliances, etc) and virtual appointments to guide you through the process remotely.

Many people are unaware that their AirOasis iAdaptAir air purifiers transmit a wireless signal 24/7 by default. If you’re concerned about EMF exposure, you can temporarily disable the Wi-Fi by pressing the fan button for three seconds. For a more permanent solution, you can disconnect the Wi-Fi module from the control panel. This ensures that your air purifier remains Wi-Fi-free even when the power is interrupted. Choose the method that suits your needs and comfort level, and enjoy cleaner air without the constant wireless signal.