What is Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode is a setting on your wireless device that allows you to turn off all the wireless transmitters. This could be Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC or cellular transmitter your wireless device. This can be found on your laptop, smartphone, portable gaming device, and tablets.

How does putting my device in airplane mode reduce my exposure to wireless radiation?

Most wireless technologies constantly emit wireless radiation 24/7 when they are on and sometimes on standby mode. Examples are cellphones, wearable devices (smartwatches, fitness trackers, sleep trackers, etc.), tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.  By placing your device in airplane mode all wireless transmitters are turned off eliminating the wireless radiation from the device altogether. When it airplane mode the device will not be able to communicate via wireless signals but might have the capability to communicate using hardwired connections such as ethernet. More on this later.   


When does it make sense to put a device in airplane mode?


At night when you go to bed.

Mnay people notice sleep inproviements with cellp You alarm clock in your phone still works finde when it’s in airplane mode.

  • In the car.  

How to Put Your Phone In Airplane Mode The Right Way

Most EMF apps for smartphones are nothing more than a glorified compass app measuring the deflection of a compass needle. This is a little misleading as most people are looking to measure one of the 4 main types of human-made EMFs such as AC Electric fields, AC Magnetic Fields, Dirty Electricity and Wireless radiation. There are no apps that detect AC Electric Fields, AC Magnetic Fields, or Dirty Electricity because it would require additional sensing equipment not found in smartphone.

But, when it comes to our wireless environment our smartphones are very good at detecting specific signals like Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Bluetooth which are the primary methods that your smartphone communicates.  The folks at ElectroSmart use wireless capability of the smartphone to display some useful information about our wireless environment and our exposure.


The things on your phone that still work in airplane mode.


  1. Your Alarm clock app on your phone.
  2. Any downloaded movies or music or ipods.
  3. You when your driving because you are less distracted.  Did you know when using Google Maps or Apple maps when you have the route in your phone you can put your phone in airplane mode and still get turn by turn directions.
  4.  Your hardwired connection to your phone. And what can you do with hardwired connection to your phone:
    • Blazing-fast internet (faster than Wifi or cellular network) which includes email, apps, etc.
    • imessages if you have a Iphone.

When it comes to measuring Bluetooth and cellular signals yes the Bluetooth is enabled and you can’t be in airplane mode. But as soon as you leave the Electrosmat App it reverts Bluetooth back to the state when you entered the app which is for me is always off.

When looking for Wi-Fi the app only listens for Wi-Fi signals and does not turn on the Wi-Fi transmitter which is brilliant. This means the device can monitor Wi-Fi network by recieving and not transmitting signals.  This means you can have the Wi-Fi off but still recieve data from the surrounding WiFi networks to calculate your exposure. These guys know what they are doing.