5G Calgary

5G In Canada In 40 Minutes. 5G Topics covered:

  1. What are the different 5G technologies out there and how will it be deployed?
  2. Are 5G Wi-Fi networks really 5G?
  3. What is known about 5G health effects?
  4. Where and how is 5G is being deployed in Canada, Alberta, Calgary and Edmonton.
  5. Fact-checking  5G Calgary Schreder Shuffle Site.
  6. Information on large scale deployment of metro cells in Edmonton.
  7. Actions you can do right now to lower exposure and reduce the demand for 5G.
  8. 2 Stop 5G Initiatives in Canada that can make a difference.
  9. 3 Strategies to reduce your 5G exposure.
  10. EMF Meters to measure 5G
  11. Shielding Technologies to bock 5G

Plus 50 minutes of Q & A!!