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Calgary EMF Inspection For Home Buyers

Typical Costs: $300


  • Detailed EMF Measurements
  • Review EMF Safety Guidelines.
  • Identify EMF Sources Affecting Purchase Price Of Your Home
  • Discuss Exposure Reduction Strategies
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Calgary EMF Inspections For Home Buyers

What is included:

Help home buyers assess potential EMF exposures from nearby power lines, cellphone towers, switch yards, transformers, or home wiring and grounding errors. Includes:

  • General sweep of the Home for EMF hot spots.
  • Cell tower map with number of antennas on each tower with in 1km of home.
  • Handwritten¬†summary of measurements and sources of EMF (formal report available for additional cost).
  • EMF Exposure Guidelines Canada and World Wide including those from used by Environmental Medicine Doctors in Europe and the Building Biology guidelines for sleeping areas.

A typical home with 2 bedrooms takes approximately 1 hour at the home and 1 hour in the office  to conduct a home buyer pre-purchase EMF Assessment. Costs $300 + GST.

4.9 rating based on 8 client reviews
View all 8 reviews.

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