Complete Home EMF Assessment

Reduce EMF Exposure by  80%. (Typical results)

Calgary Home EMF Assessments

Typical Costs: $250 – $500

  • Detailed EMF Measurements
  • Identify EMF Sources Affecting Your Home
  • Discuss / Implement Exposure Reduction Strategies
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Calgary Complete Home EMF Assessment

What is included:

Particular attention is given to sleeping areas, home offices, children’s play areas or other high use areas of the home. Includes handwritten EMF measurements on floor plan along with a discussion of significant and noteworthy findings, and strategies and recommendations for reducing electromagnetic exposures in the home.

Typical complete home EMF assessment includes:

  • 20 minute EMF 101 Introduction – What are we measuring and why?
  • Thorough EMF assessment of 3 high use areas of the home, including:
    • Body voltage (in sleeping areas)
    • Electrical EMF measurements (both AC magnetic and AC electric fields)
    • Wireless technology
    • Dirty electricity
  • General sweep of the home for EMF hot spots
  • Cell tower map with number of antennas on each tower within 1 km of home
  • Handwritten summary of measurements and sources of EMF (formal report available for additional cost)
  • EMF Exposure Guidelines Canada and Worldwide
  • EMF Building Biology Guidelines for Sleeping Areas

A typical home with 2 bedrooms takes approximately 4 hours to conduct the complete home EMF and costs $500 + GST.

5.0 rating based on 42 client reviews
View all 42 reviews.

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