The EMF Wire Scout – An Electrician’s tool to speed up identifiy wiring errors that create elevated AC magnetic fields.


Discover the next generation of EMF wire error detection tools! 

What is the EMF Wire Scout?

The Wire Scout is a specialized tool for electricians, designed to identify the types of miswired branch circuits:

  1. Interconnected branch circuit neutrals (N-N).
  2. Neutral to Ground connections in a circuit (N-G).

Both wiring errors are violations of the National Electrical Code and the Canadian Electrical Code, leading to elevated AC Magnetic fields when the circuit is under load.

How Does the Wire Scout Work?

The Wire Scout injects current into the neutral of a de-energized branch circuit and alerts you with a buzzer sound or a light when N-N and N-G wiring errors are present. By applying this method to all branch circuits in the panel, you can quickly identify circuits with errors.

EMF Wire Scout Demo:


Why Choose Wire Scout Over a Multimeter Continuity Tester?

  1. The EMF Wire Scout is suitable for larger homes with lengthy branch circuit runs, up to 20,000 feet long with 14-gauge wire (even longer with thicker gauge wire).
  2. While a multimeter has only two leads, Wire Scout uses three leads to simultaneously test neutral bus and ground bus continuity.
  3. Multimeter continuity tests provide small current levels that are difficult to trace externally, whereas Wire Scout is easily traceable with a buzz stick, EMF Wire Tracer or an AC Magnetic Field Meter.


EMF Wire Scout Features

💡 Brighten Your Diagnosis:  The EMF Wire Scout features a bright error indication light, making it easier than ever to spot wiring errors.

🔊 Never Miss a Beat:  Equipped with a built-in buzzer, you won’t miss any wiring errors, whether it’s your first or hundredth branch circuit you’re testing. Plus, the buzzer is loud enough to be heard in adjacent rooms, indicating when the problem is resolved!

✨ Professional Design: The EMF Wire Scout not only performs well but also looks the part. Its black aluminum case with laser-cut lettering is a tool you’ll take pride in.

🚀 Fast Wire Error Detection!  With three leads, our EMF Wire Scout allows fast wire error identification, speeding up your testing process.

🔍 Trace with Precision: The Wire Scout’s signal is easily detected with a buzz stick, EMF Wire Tracer, or an AC Magnetic Field meter, even over long branch circuit runs.

Upgrade your electrical troubleshooting game with the EMF Wire Scout.


Comparison: EMF Wire Scout vs. Blue Box vs. Multimeter Continuity Function

EMF Wire Scout Blue Box Multimeter Continuity Function
Runs Cool
Bright Wiring Error Indication Light
Buzzer Wiring Error Indicator
Easy To Trace with Buzz Stick or AC Magnetic Field Meter
3 Leads For Faster Wire Error Verification
Easily Detect Errors in Large Homes with long branch circuit runs.
Professional Looking

Technical Specs:

  • Input: 120V AC
  • Output: 12V AC / 0.5 Amps
  • Light and buzzer sense resistivity of up to 100 ohms or 20,000 ft of #14 AWG circuit.
  • Download Manual

Not Included:

When you cut power to the breaker panel, you may need an AC Outlet running off a battery pack. We recommend the Takki 83Wh Portable Power Station or Milwaukee M18 battery + Milwaukee 2846-20 M18 top-off 175W power supply. Additionally, consider a clamp-on LED lamp for convenience.


EMF Wire Scout Pricing