Enmax Smart Meter Radio Frequency Measurements

“Contains IC” means there is a RF transmitter inside the meter.

Enmax Smart Meter OPT OUT?

There is no official smart meter opt-out option however, Enmax has removed smart meters installed on a small number of residential homes in Calgary. 

If anyone has any updated information regarding this please send me an email at hello@emfaware.ca.


Avoiding the Enmax smart meter Installation 

Letters from Enmax stating meter upgrades as part of regular maintenance will likely involve the installation of a Honeywell smart meter on your home. For those who wish not to have a smart meter installed on their home it is best to contact Enmax asap after receiving the letter. 

 emmisWe started seeing Enmax smart meters as early as March 2019 but we suspect they have been around a lot longer than that.

What is a smart meter?

It is an electronic device that records and reports power consumption back to the electricity supplier. What’s unique about a smart meter is it allows two-way communication between the meter and supplier such that:

  • energy usage can be collected frequently or almost in real time with out sending an actual person to read your meter.
  • meters may be capable performing a remote disconnect of service
  • power outages and power quality monitoring

The two-way communication is usually performed through wireless technology but can also be performed using fixed wires such as power line carrier (PLC) communications,

How do you tell if you have an Enmax smart meter on your home?

If you have a Honeywell Bidirectional electric utility meter with the wording “contains IC 4557A-REXUNAZ” you have a smart meter installed on your home. Most homes in Calgary have electric utility meters such as the old-school analog meters with the spinning dials or simple digital Focus ### meters which do not emit RF pulses.

Exposure Measurements

Smart meters are just programmable electronic devices and just because there is radio frequency transmitter installed does not mean that it is enabled. To better understand the exposure from the meter we logged the RF transmission from the a Enmax Honeywell REX meter and found:

  •  RF Pulses approximately every 5 min 20 secs
  • Each RF pulse  power density: 5600 – 7100 uW/m2 at a distance of 1 m in front of the meters.

These measurements are in line with smart meters emissions from California and BC. The pulsed signals are in most cases, much more biologically active than non-pulsed signals. There are 13 peer-review and published studies in Dr. Martin Pall’s paper documenting these effects. There has been numerous accounts from environmental doctors finding patients getting ill after installation of a smart meter. 


Summary of Enmax Smart Meter RF Measurements

Transmitter Frequency: 902.4 MHz – 927.6 MHz  | Bandwidth 371.61 KHz (Source Industry Canada)

Transmitter Power: 850 mW

RF Exposure Pulsed Transmission @ 1 m:  5600 – 7100 uW/m2

Frequency of transmissions: Every 5 min 20 secs.