Free EMF Q& A Session

EMF Basics Video: 3 Main Types of EMFs and What is Considered Safe (20 min)

Intro video to the main 3 types of EMFs found in your home and what is considered a safe level.

EMF Q + A Session (30 Min): Audio File

Topics Covered:

0:00 – AC Magnetic Fields – Ideal Numbers. Oxidative Stree. What is oxidative stress?

2:30 – Convincing People About EMFs, puppy dog sell for EMFs.

5:17 – Young Adults and Teenagers and Short-Sighted. Using different language when talking to young people about EMFs.

11:25 – Cell Phones – Tactics To Reduce your exposure by 80 % or more.

17:49 – Cordless Phone vs Cell Phone? How does the exposure compare?

19:00 – Older Homes and the breaker panels.

22:20 – Putting your phone in airplane?

23:56 – Shielding from cellular tower.