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Introducing the EMF Wire Scout – the next-gen EMF wire error detection tool for electricians!

The Wire Scout is designed to identify miswired branch circuits, specifically pinpointing interconnected branch circuit neutrals (N-N) and Neutral to Ground connections (N-G). These violations of electrical codes result in elevated AC Magnetic fields under load.

What does the Wire Scout do? It injects a current into the neutral of a de-energized branch circuit and alerts you with a buzzer sound or an illuminated light when N-N and N-G wiring errors are detected. Testing all branch circuits in the panel helps identify errors.

Demonstration of how to use the EMF Wire Scout:

What's included:

  • AC Power Supply
  • EMF Wire Scout Control Box
  • 3 Gator Clip Leads
  • Downloadable User Manual
EMF Wire Scout Features:
💡 Bright Wire Indication: Easily spot wiring errors with a bright error light.
🔊 Audible Alerts: Never miss an error with the built-in buzzer, audible even in other rooms.
✨ Professional Design: Sleek black aluminum case with laser-cut lettering.
🚀 Fast Wire Error Detection: Three leads for lightning-fast testing.
🔍 Precision Tracing: Pair with our EMF Wire Tracer to trace error paths.
Upgrade your electrical troubleshooting game with the EMF Wire Scout
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